Thursday, January 26, 2012

Things you might not currently know...

- I'm guest posting today over at Pocket Full of Pink, featuring a few of my favorite crafts I've blogged about over at VB Creations

- Yesterday Chloe hit the 4 month mark, and her 4 month update with photos is on its way. 

- I watched The Notebook today, and I had forgotten how much I don't like that movie - and just because of the part near the end where the old lady loses her memory once again and freaks out a bit. It's not that part I hate, but the part of the man crying. Hate, hate, hate it. 

- I bought a super-cheap little vacuum and it works so much better than sweeping the floors. 

- Every apartment in my building got a notice that they had trouble delivering our mail because the boxes don't lock. It's an old building, and I'm pretty sure they've been like that almost forever. The notice gives a number to call their office. I call the number and there are two options: directory list or customer service. I hit customer service and it tells me to call another number. I hit directory list and they want me to have a specific name of a person to contact. So seriously, why give me this useless phone number in the first place, Canada Post?

- Oh, and I may have met someone. 


Noelle said...

It's totally against the rules to say you may haveet someone and not say anything more!

Nicole J @ Pampers and Pumps said...

I can't believe Chloe is already 4 months! Craziness!! Yay for possibly meeting someone ;)



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