Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Guest Post from 'The Charming Mad Chatter'

Today's guest post is from Madeline from The Charming Mad Chatter. She is such a sweetie and I'm really happy to have her posting for me. She is posting for me to give me a little break from blogging so my blog isn't neglected while I spend tons of time with my baby girl. A huge thanks to her for posting for me. Keeping with that theme, here is her post explaining her take on having children. 


Hi I'm Madeline and I blog over at "The Charming Mad Chatter".

I'm guest posting for Venassa because , well, she's having a BABY! (Ok so at the time this posts, she might have already had the baby, but she's still having a baby. Semantics.) I remember volunteering to guest post, and then I forgot about guest posting. As I sit here and right this, I'm feeling kinda crappy because, well, I forgot. I forgot about the guest post I promised a hormonal pregnant woman, and I'm probably lucky she's not chucking baby bottles at my head. But as of now, my head is lump free, so I should make sure she gets this post before that changes.

I've decided that it's only fitting for me to write a guest post about babies, since a baby is the reason I'm guest posting! I've almost always wanted children (there was a brief moment while dealing with a screaming baby that I wasn't so sure). At one time I wanted twelve children, and now I'm pretty firm at the number four. Hubs is pretty firm at four also, and that probably has to do with the fact that I talked him into four. He originally wanted two or three.

I'm someone who likes to have control in my life. I like the ability to say yes , no, or even eenie-minie-mo. I just want choices. I want to be the author of my life because I've had far too many co authors thus far. For some odd reason, I thought that fate and destiny would go along with me. They haven't. We've been trying for awhile to have a baby, and thus far... no luck. Now, this could be positive in the fact that I don't have to deal with nausea, stretchmarks, contactions just yet. But to tell you the truth, I really don't care about those things. What I care about and what I want, is a baby.

You have some pretty funny discussions with your significant other once you decide to have kids, or have a baby on the way. You definitely figure out more about each other. And names? Oh me, oh my! Is that a crazy discussion or what? I just want to have this on actual written record that my husband, my wonderful , quirky husband has the absolute worst taste in names. Let's run down two of the worst ones:

Jengo. No I'm not joking. What is the kid
going to cartwheel its way into this world?
Vetoooo. So not happening.

Declan. I know people name their child this
and I don't want to offend, but there are too
many ways to make fun of this name.

Those are just the two worst ones.
For all I know the next name he'll suggest is going to be Lego.
Or Eggo.
Or Rock.

But at least we agree on the important things right? And it's not that a name isn't important, but a name is something you can change if need be later on. I know that I might never have children, because well, let's face it. Infertility of all kinds is becoming more and more common these days. And that's scary.

But I have to have hope.

I need hope.

I need to cling to the possibility that I might have a mini me one day , no matter how scary that might be for the rest of the world. There is one thing that will never change in all of this, and that's the fact that I love my husband. Nothing will change that. And nothing will change the fact that he loves me. Even if this maybe baby thing is making me a little more crazy than normal. I know that the slightly crazed phase is normal when you are trying to have a baby. But I'm pretty sure I've reached the full blown loco-cuckoo phase. Because less than a week ago, I told God that I'd be willing to have triplets if that's what it took. And I'm pretty sure you have to be crazy to willingly pick having triplets.

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Madeline said...

Thanks for letting me guest post!!

Molly said...

What a great post! I loved it. Good luck with the baby making and congrats to Vanessa on her baby girl.



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