Monday, October 3, 2011

Facts about little miss Chloe

  • She doesn't wake us up, we wake her up to eat
  • She lost 5oz after she was born, but was back to her birth weight the day after we got home
  • Her eyes roll like crazy when she's tired
  • If she goes from content to crying like crazy, she probably just went #2
  • When you've fixed all her problems and she's still fussing and crying, she just wants another sip of milk then she goes right to sleep
  • Her hands are badly peeling, and I love picking at them :p
  • She started going crazy on Sunday

So far she has been a pretty easy baby for us, up until Sunday. My mother spent two nights with us the day we got out of the hospital and took care of her at night so I could get caught up on sleep. She cleaned, she cooked, she cleaned some more, and she took care of Chloe. It was great. I had my first bout of post-partum crying when she left. 

We spent one night alone with Chloe. She was fine all day Saturday, but got fussy during/after feeding her in the evening. It was the same thing after we fed her around 1am Sunday, and the same thing in the morning. Sunday afternoon she was a little fussy when eating, a little fussy when I was giving her a bath. Her daddy went to work and she started crying on and off. She'd lay in bed for 15 minutes, then cry. She'd sit in her seat for 10 minutes, then cry. I'd hold her and she'd cry. I would try everything. Then she got really upset and cried  non-stop for awhile. I just couldn't figure her out. I gave her more milk, she drifted off but woke up when the phone rang. I gave her a little more milk, and this time we both fell asleep on the chair. When I put her to bed, her eyes opened but this time she actually went to sleep. She slept great, like she normally does.

At her Sunday night feeding she fussed, but not nearly as much as earlier in the day. She's still having a hard time getting to sleep.

So mother came back to help me out again for awhile. Hopefully we can figure out what's upsetting her so much, because I don't think it's just fussing. Some of the crying she was doing sounded pretty painful. I hate seeing her so upset.

I think I jinxed it when I said to B last night how lucky we are to have such a content, easy baby. She's been crying practically ever since.

Here's to hoping we can figure out my baby girl and get her back to her happy self.

Ps.. I have a bunch of posts that I'd done leading up to Chloe being born as well as a few guest posts from some awesome ladies. I'll be blogging again here and there, but that's mostly what you'll be getting for the next couple of weeks. 


Kaylee said...

She is precious :) I hope she starts feeling better!

SG to SP said...

Poor baby! Hopefully you can figure out why she's been so fussy soon for both of your sakes!

Connie said...

She's adorable!! Congrats momma!

Nicole J @ Pampers & Pumps said...

B had days like that where he would cry off and on all day long. It's just a baby thing most of the time, but ask your pediatrician if you're concerned.

Baby Sister said...

Awww!! She's so adorable!! Congrats mommy and daddy!! I love the name Chloe. :)

Irish Italian Blessings said...

Fact about Chloe: She's stinking ADORABLE!!!

I hope she feels better, the mom advice I always got was crying is just like their exercise, it gives them the extra energy and strength to work through their gas and stuff.

a. said...

Fact: her auntie loves her very much already!

Shell said...

What a doll! Congrats!



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