Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bring Bobbi-Jo home from the hospital

This is Bobbi-Jo. She's a 17-year old girl and she's from the same area that I'm from. She was in a car accident last October. She suffered from a lot of brain damage and has been in hospitals ever since. Her family lives in an older home, so they wouldn't be able to do the renovations needed to bring her home from the hospital - they're going to have to build a new house. 

Please vote to bring Bobbi-Jo home. Voting is really simple - you can just login through your facebook account and you can vote once a day until October 19th, which is also my birthday. So let this be a birthday present to me. Please vote


Mrs4444 said...

Bobbi Jo's story reminds me of my student that was hit by a car July 29th. He suffered a skull fracture, was in a coma for about a month, but he has been making progress.

I have another student who was nearly electrocuted right before school started; he sustained major burns (lost all but two toes, for example) and is hoping to come home soon. Sadly, the trailer he lives in is no place for a child at risk of infection. He's hoping to come back to school soon. I hope that his family can figure something out.

Thanks for linking up to FF :) Have a great weekend.

Baby Sister said...

How sad. :(



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