Thursday, August 18, 2011

A bit of a bad day, so far

I think this might be considered a bad day.

Sleepy me tried to go to bed around midnight last night because I had to work early this morning.

The toothache started shortly after. I finally fixed the toothache and fell asleep probably getting a little near 2am.

Andddd wake up around 4:30 because the toothache has returned. I somehow managed to find my orajel (yay), and was finally not feeling as much pain. I started to drift off only to not be able to actually fall asleep because I'd been awake for so long that I was too hungry to fall asleep. So I had to find something to eat.

It was slightly after 6AM by the time I was ready to go back to sleep, which I did, and the alarm woke me up at 7:15.

So I got ready to come to work. Only to find that the 'garbage' in my car had been messed around a little. Meaning, someone was in my car. Oddly enough, the two boxes (of kitchen stuff and Christmas decorations) don't look like they'd been touched at all, but all the papers in the two middle spots in my car were hanging out, some on the floor, and my flip flops that were under the passenger seat were in the middle of the passenger floor instead. Creepy. But the most amusing part was the empty pack of cigarettes someone left in the front of the car was thrown into the backseat. I guess they were hoping to score some cigarettes but lucked out. Too bad, creepy person who was rooting through my car. No more leaving the car unlocked.

The rest of the day has been fine, minus worrying about how I'm going to pull money out of my ass to afford the dentist, but regardless, I have to go. It still hurts just as much.

Maybe I'll be the next one creeping around the unlocked cars in the parking lot to see what spare change I can pick up.


SG to SP said...

The car thing would freak me out, that's super creepy. I remember years ago I left my car unlocked and someone went in and stole all my CD's (I had a shitty collection too) but nothing else. Weird. Hope your tooth feels better.

Jayme said...

The dentist *shudder*

I don't like him.

I hope your toothache eases up asap!

Baby Sister said...

Dang...I hope you sleep better tonight!! And I'm glad they didn't take anything. I had some CDs stolen once that really sucked. Good luck with your tooth!! Hope it gets fixed!!



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