Friday, July 29, 2011

It's Friday, Friday

TGIF? Yeah, right. More like TGIS. Saturday.

You see, it's currently Friday night, and I will be so happy when Friday night is done and over with.

Why, you ask? Because Friday is a work night. Another busy work night. Tourism must be up in the city because it has been crazy all week at work, hence the lack of blogging and commenting.

Maybe a recap of my week? Okay. To be honest, most days blend into each other lately, so it will be short-ish.

Sunday, July 24
Mother, sister and nephew came up to visit for a few hours. They got their first tour of my apartment. Nephew pulled out my baby swing and had it swinging and singing within minutes of being in the apartment. When it came time to turn it off, he showed ME how to do it when I couldn't figure out which button would make it stop singing. Surprises me sometimes, that smart little boy. We went out to eat Chinese food, a favorite among the girls in the family - brother is the only one who doesn't like it. We stopped at the park to let nephew play for awhile, then they headed home.

Wednesday, July 27
I had my last monthly doctor's appointment. Now I go every two weeks for awhile. It was quick and easy. I got to listen to babygirl's heartbeat, and they measured my belly, and all was well. They took my blood pressure which must've been a tiny bit low because she made a comment about how I wont have to worry about high blood pressure. Yay? What does low blood pressure even mean?

Thursday, July 28
I got to work at both jobs. Part-time job double-booked me for a time when I was supposed to be at my full-time job, which annoyed me a lot. I've been working at both places for two years now and my availability has always been the same. My boss covered for me at the other job until I got there. I was TIRED when I got home. It's harder working two jobs when the hotel job is suddenly a LOT more busy.

I had an amazing meal out with B. for lunch, wasted a lot of time, and headed to work.

I'm getting up bright and early to meet for breakfast with A., who's in town for the weekend but I won't be. After breakfast I'm heading west, stopping to visit mother along the way, then staying with my grandfather for about 4 days. I'm pretty excited about it.

Hope you all have a good weekend!

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Baby Sister said...

Sounds like a busy week!! A 4-day stay with your grandpa will be nice. :) Enjoy!!



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