Monday, May 23, 2011

Everyone Loves a Man in Uniform

I don't talk about my siblings very much on here. Well they're all kinds of crazy. I know I mentioned before that they are boy/girl twins. They are now 19. 

But you probably didn't know how awesome little brother is. He's got plenty of moments where you want to punch him. You wouldn't really feel bad about it because he's always picking on people and he could handle it. He's a tough one. How tough? Well, he's in the Corrections Officer program. He's been pepper sprayed, overworked, and been put through all kinds of pain. I guess it's finally all paid off though, because Friday morning was his graduation. It was a proud day for all of us. 

It was fun to see them march in and not move a muscle until they were told. I'd never seen him in action before, or in his uniform so it was nice to get to see all that. 

The ceremony was kept nice and short. There's nothing worst than a guest speaker that goes on forever like some that I've been to. It was slow getting through all the graduates, but that was because they didn't rush them through by calling the next name almost immediately, and they let them pause for as long as the family needed to get pictures. 

I, on the other hand, only got one good photo while brother was up there because he hates pictures and didn't wait very long. He's lucky I managed the one good photo! Although it's obvious how nervous he was. 

Right after the ceremony, everyone left the theater and went to the school where they marched, and got their final inspection. Also fun to watch. 

Then they were free to throw off their hats and take some photos. 

Me and little brother (is it just me or is my face starting to look 'fuller'?)

Mother and brother

Brother & friend

Brother and his girlfriend

There are a few more awesome photos but I posted them all on my photography blog and would love it so much if you would go look at them : ) 

For it being a short graduation and a short after-party, it was a good time. Nice to see little brother in action, and finally get some outdoor use out of my camera and new lens. 

So congrats little brother, and sorry that I forgot to give you your card. 


Caro said...

You are right, everyone loves a man in a uniform. Congrats to your brother.

Baby Sister said...

That is so awesome. Go him!!



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