Tuesday, May 24, 2011

10 of my 'Notes to Self'

I don't know if anyone else does this, but when I'm on a computer that isn't mine, and I find a link to something I love, obviously I can't bookmark it, so I email it to myself. Later, when I check the email I move it to a folder called 'Notes to Self', and honestly that's where they sit, ignored. Some are recipes, some are awesome blog posts, some are so random.

Today I finally decided to look through the 65 emails in that folder and delete what I no longer found interesting. And? Share with you guys the 'notes' that I still love.

Curly Girl Design - All kinds of awesome goodies - jewellery, cards, magnets, wall decor. So colorful and with cute sayings. Hard to explain, but so worth checking out.

Connect 2 Game - I found this game back in October but I loved it so much that about two weeks ago I played it for hours at work for days. I've never gotten past level 4 or 5 though.

Cookie Cake Pie Recipe - I may never try this crazy recipe, but if anyone does, please blog about it. I'd love to see one.

Tutorial: How to Save & Size Your Photos for Blogging - I still haven't put this to use, as I forgot about it. If I was on my own computer now, I'd probably be practicing it. Kevin & Amanda blog have a lot of great photography tutorials, even if you're not interested in this one.

Wall Art - With electrical tape. My friend actually tried this out and it looks really cool.

Tutorial: Blogger Horizontal Navigation Bar - How to get a navigation bar at the top of your blog. I tried this and succeeded, but made mine in photoshop instead

Damn Heels - I've seen different versions of these all over since I first found this link, but I still think they're a great idea. Little flats that fit in your purse for when your heels are too much? Love.

Tutorial: Tissue Paper Pom Poms - I forgot about saving this link as well, but want to try it. They're super cute.

Create your own shoes or handbag - How is this not the coolest thing ever?

Tutorial: Diaper and Washcloth Cupcakes - Very cute, great for a baby shower.

Anything you found interesting? I know it was a great reminder for me to go back to some of these links.


Connie said...

That quote is genius! Yes sometimes I LIKE to just take a break from doing important stuff. I'll have to remember it's OK to do that (;

Baby Sister said...

That quote is awesome. And that Damn Heels site is awesome as well. If I wore heels that often I would probably get those.



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