Sunday, April 10, 2011

Scrapbooking Sunday

Pregnancy: 1 Month, two pages

4 - 8.5 x 11 pages
(2 Yellow + 2 Green - Recollections paper from Michaels)
3 - 12 x 12 pages
(2 White + 1 Black)
(From the dollar store)
Miscellaneous stickers 
(Mine from Michaels)

Tip: One of the most helpful things I can tell you is to never glue your entire page in place until you've seen it layed out and what it will look like finished. You can glue papers together, but never stick stickers or glue in pictures. Paper is easier replaced if you don't like what you were working on. 

1. To start, take your green 8.5 x 11 pages, and cut two 1-inch strips from the longer side of the page. Glue one to the left side of the page, and one to the bottom. The bottom strip will have to be trimmed. Cut two strips from the black paper and do the same. Glue the entire yellow-green-black page to the top right hand corner of your white 12 x 12 page

2. I'm going to mount my photos on the green paper, mounted again on the black paper. If you have the photos ready to go, cut out a green rectangle measured to fit your photo, then a black rectangle to fit the green one. There will be one photo of the 4 pregnancy tests I ended up taking, and one photo of me holding a couple of the tests. 

3. I stuck all my stickers on black paper to make them pop out a little more since they were all random colors. 

4. On page one, I listed the reactions of some friends and family when they found out I was pregnant. I measured a long strip of yellow and a long strip of green that were as wide as I needed to fit in the white space on the left side, cutting them apart after I wrote the info on them. Not visible in the photo, but all the yellow strips are mounted with adhesive foam dots, so they're lifted off the page a bit more than the green strips. 

5. Page two is made basically the same way, except made opposite so the pictures will mesh well together when side-by-side in the book. On the right side of page two I listed the dates I took my pregnancy tests, when I told people, and first doctor's appointment. And pre-pregnancy weight at the very bottom. 

In the center of the empty yellow space will be a few belly pictures once they get developed, so I wasn't sure of their size and how I was going to place them. 

I have stickers to cover each month of the pregnancy, and I'm beginning month #4 now, so I hope to get month 2 and 3 templates done shortly. Better pictures next time around. This may or may not be a new feature. 

If you've posted on scrapbooking in the past week or so, send me your link. I might feature some other posts on the subject if there are any. 

For more scrapbooking fun, visit Memories By Christine, who has all kinds of scrapbooking info all the time.


Baby Sister said...

That is a really cute idea!!

MBC Scrapbooking said...

So cute- I love your quotes from everyone!!

a. said...

I love it! Absolutely amazing!



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