Friday, April 22, 2011

Our Easter Traditions

I've always been a big fan of Easter. Really, I'm just a big fan of holidays. But as I child I think I may have even loved Easter more than Christmas. I know you're incredibly anxious to hear my reasons.

  1. It kind of marks the beginning of spring for me. The Easters I remember as a child always seemed to have that perfect muddy, warm, no need for coats, jump rope & bubble blowing weather.
  2. Chocolate is better in the shape of eggs.
  3. The Easter Bunny got us great presents: new summer outfits, bubbles, MONEY, cds, and fun summer toys.
  4. Following a trail of eggs to find presents is awesome.
  5. Following clues to find presents is awesome as well.
  6. And of course my most favorite part of Easter:

The Cadbury Creme Egg!

Those were our traditions. The Easter Bunny would usually leave 3 candy egg trails (one for each of us kids) leading to a bunch of our presents in a different spot in the house. As we learned to read, we would still have our candy trail, but there would also be something hidden, and we would have to figure out clues to find out where it was hidden. It was always so much fun.

I love holiday traditions. We are not a very religious family so we never took part in any of the religious Easter traditions dealing with church, but I know plenty of people who do. 

I can't wait until my little one is born and a little older so I can keep our Easter traditions going.  

I'm really interested in hearing what other people do for Easter, if anything at all. Please share! 
And enjoy your chocolate-egg holiday!

Ps, Random fact? I wrote this post last year and forgot to post it.


Anonymous said...

I don't really celebrate Easter because I'm not into holidays with zombies (teehee) but I do celebrate anything with Reese peanut butter eggs.. MmmMmm good.

magnolia said...

we always used to go to this one restaurant near my hometown for easter dinner. they had this great freaky-sounding casserole called "apple cheese." i know it sounds vile, just vile, but it's amazing. i do miss that...

a. said...

I usually go to church on Easter Sunday. This year I will making mini cupcakes for the Sunday school kids. Going to my aunts for her annual easter egg hunt, which is huge and everyone leaves with a few big cradbury cream eggs (or similar) over 2 dozens small eggs and. Lots of gummies and candies - I am like a big kid searching for all the eggs :) we will have our family easter dinner too! Once I had subway for Easter dinner.

Kimberly said...

Cadbury Creme Eggs are my FAVORITE!! The picture you posted gave me a craving :)

Baby Sister said...

We had pretty much the same traditions. :)



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