Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blog Swap Perfection

A long while back, I decided to participate for the first time in some bloggy exchanges. I first came across a Christmas ornament swap hosted by Unexpected Surprises. I soon forgot about that exchange, and joined a mitten exchange hosted by Life of Meg

I got paired up with Alison at Life of Times of Alison & Justin for the mitten swap. I got a pair of mittens plus a pair of colorful gloves. I love all things colorful so both pairs are right up my alley. 

For the ornament exchange I got paired up with The Loves of Jenn, who sent me this ornament:

How pretty is that? It's perfect. I love the pink and green and can't wait to someday have my own green and pink tree. I'm so scared I break it, that I packed it back in its box until next Christmas. 

I also learned when they delivered it just today, that the acceptable way of delivering a package in my building  is to ring and run. Yeah, the delivery guy stuck the package (too big for my mailbox) on the floor by the mailboxes, rang the doorbell for my apartment and left. Had I not been home to hear the doorbell ring, and go downstairs out of curiosity, anyone could have taken it. The main door doesn't lock during the day. So yay for effective delivery methods. 

Either way, I'm so happy with all of my exchange items. First time bloggy swapping? A great success. 


J and A said...

Glad you like them! :)

Baby Sister said...

Those are cute!! And that ornament is so creative and colorful!! Very lucky. :)



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