Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Some Stats, Anyone?

For the first time I reviewed my blog stats. Some of it actually surprised me.

Such as:

My most viewed posts
Songs That Annoy the #?*!^ Out of Me
Followed by the About Me page.
Third was probably my most personal post. What I'm looking for (in a guy).

My top 3 referring URLs were
Melissa's blog - My Life and How it's Going
Baby Sister's Blog - Le Esquina de la Estrellita
Tyler's Blog - Everybody Must Have a Fantasy

My 'link within' widget as well as blogger (go figure) were my top referring sites. I personally love the 'link within' widget on any blog I go to. I find myself reading all kinds of interesting posts on other blogs that way.

Top Searches that brought people to me:
Chocolate cocaine recipe
Best time of your life
The zoo tried out magnetic

33% of my visitors use Internet Explorer
25% use Google Chrome

More than 1000 of my viewers are Canadian
More than 800 are American
50 are from Denmark

Overall though, I'm not that popular of a blog. I just think this will be fun to look back on someday down the road, as I don't plan on ending my blogging any time soon. 


Nyktharas said...

Your my favorite blog!!! There's no bias, I swear!

Baby Sister said...

Those are some fun, interesting stats. Go my blog for being one of your referring URLs? :) I like the picture up top too!!

Salt said...

Chocolate cocaine recipe?? I don't think I read your blog yet for that one. Those sound GOOD!

Let's hope the person that was searching for that was actually looking for a recipe involving chips and chocolate. :)

Brittany said...

I dont think they are that accurate! Most the time it says I have less views then comments! How would that work? Unless they dont count google reader! In that case views would be a lot higher!

It is pretty interesting though :))

Hope you're having a good week!

Caro said...

To a point I became a stats addict with my blog. It was all I could think of, I was looking more my stats that at other peoples blog. Until one day a worm from another computer got into my stat counter and I started getting over 1000 hits a day on only my posts from November 2009. So I deleted those post and for a reason I dont understand the worm kept on going. So no more stats for me.

tyler_fraser said...

that is friggin cool! how do you check your stats?



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