Sunday, August 8, 2010

What I'm looking for...

I am interrupting the usual random thoughts or lists or questionnaires to bring in something a bit more real. Everyone has some sort of list, or at least a general idea of what they look for in a potential significant other.

  • Great sense of humor
  • Great personality
  • Honesty
  • Trust
  • Attraction
  • Blah
  • Blah, blah

It's all the same stuff. Yeah, sure, we all want someone who's honest, who can make us laugh, who we can trust, but it's like we're clones looking for the same generalized things. And great personality? What does that even mean? Where are the specifics? Well, I am listing the specifics. 

I want someone who:

  • laughs at the stupid things I do, instead of calling me an idiot. Okay, I guess he could call me an idiot sometimes. I have my moments. 
  • makes me feel safe from all the creepy-crawlers, and the scarier ones that fly. 
  • will sing badly with me in the car. 
  • makes me feel special.
  • can hold an intelligent conversation with my friend, even though I have no idea what they are talking about. 
  • has real opinions on things, even if it's a hate for holidays.
  • gets really excited over things. 
  • will spend money on really strange and not-so-manly video games, to try to get me interested in something he loves. 
  • tries to help me complete my list of things to do with a significant other. 
  • worries about the stupid things I do that aren't good for me. 
  • wants to hear about my boring days.
  • encourages me to follow my dreams.
  • can laugh about our stupid fights afterwards.
  • will take stupid pictures with me, and will even take stupid pictures with my friends.
  • likes my nephew. 
  • isn't scared to tell me how he feels, or tell me when I'm being a bitch.
  • will eat all the nasty stuff I sometimes put together in the kitchen.
  • will put up with me being kind of emotionally-challenged. 

And it seems I've found all of those things.


magnolia said...

i realized last night that i have the perfect relationship with my guy right now. it's far from conventional. in fact, according to most people, we're not really IN a "relationship," in so many words. but when we're together, we are completely devoted to one another's wants and needs, no questions, no expectations. it just happens organically. and i am so, so grateful for it.

Noelle said...

I loved this post...

Alice said...

hi venassa! only just discovered your blog but have been reading through your entries and love it! have added it as a link on my page so i dont miss it! have a happy day :-)

a. said...

if the one you're with can be all you want and more and some of what you need then you really have found something special, as long as the good things outweigh the few bad ones.
I wouldn't even change the "bad" things about my man because thats part of what makes him him.

Anonymous said...

You're so sweet hun, I know you don't like me commenting on here. Thank your for appreciating me so much! Love you!

Melly said...

This post made me smile. :)

Sonal said...

Loved your blog, it's so colorful.. stopping by from BlogFrog :) You have a really very sweet post here :)



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