Saturday, July 17, 2010

Chocolate Cocaine Recipe

It's called Chocolate Cocaine, at least that's what the magazine said. A lady from the local paper dropped it off at work a couple of days ago, and I had to steal it to read a couple of articles and try out this Chocolate Cocaine stuff. It is very simple.


- A bag of ruffled/wavy chips. These Lays ones are amazing, but any kind would do.
- A bag or two of chocolate chips
- Muffin/cupcake liners

It's that simple. I used semi-sweet chocolate chips, and white chocolate chips. The recipe called for two bag of chocolate chips, but I just used half of each, and it made 8 cups, I believe.

I also used a little bit less than half the bag of chips. The recipe called for half the bag if you used two bag of chocolate chips, so I went a little overboard but I once wrote about how much I love chocolate covered chips. So just go with what you think you will like. Use less if you want less of a crunch.


- Heat the chocolate chips in a microwaveable bowl until completely melted.
- Add crushed ruffled chips and stir until completely coated.
- Scoop into the muffin liners then put in the fridge until they harden.


I love the salty chips mixed with the chocolate, but I think the white chocolate mixed with the semi-sweet makes it a bit too sweet. It may have been better with all semi-sweet chocolate. But it's a recipe you can definitely play around with.  One of the variations mentioned added nuts to it, which I think would be really good.

Let me know if anyone decides to give it a try : )


magnolia said...

sweet lord, that looks amazing. one of my favorite things on this earth is movie popcorn and sno-caps together; this sounds like a logical extension of that.

Brittney said...

sounds like the perfect PMS snack! lol! if i wasnt dieting id def. try it out!

Bossy Betty said...

Oh my gosh! I just love new ideas for breakfast! Thanks!

a. said...

this has got to be better than just chocolate chips sold at the Green Gables candy store - make them and sell them to the store!



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