Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekly Recap

Saturday, July17

Finally, I had a Saturday night off. Only because I booked it off. My friends had plans back home and I couldn't afford to travel to join them. I urged B. (ex-boyfriend of mine) to play some poker instead of entertaining me online so I was left on my own for the night. I watched some tv, started a puzzle, near went crazy, then went to bed early.

To be perfectly honest, I don't remember what I did in the middle of the week. I was on night shifts, so I slept in lots, packed lots, and watched tv lots. I was getting into a nice routine until Wednesday's morning shift snuck up on me.

Wednesday, July 21

B. took an allergic reaction to some stings he got from a wasp that made its way into his shorts pocket. So after his hospital trip and needles, he was off work for the rest of the day. So it wasn't completely a lose-lose situation. We packed up and headed to the scummy city to spend the night with S. It was a nice night of hanging out.

At bedtime me and B. talked for the longest time. It was a really great night.

Thursday, July 22

We got up, made pancakes, did Sarah's dishes and went on our way to the west. We dragged my boxes into my grandfather's place, which was the whole reason for the trip, in the pouring rain. Once that was done we had a visit with grandfather then headed out to Shirley's to eat some greasy fries, burger and chicken wrap. Good stuff. I showed him around the west, stopped at some shops. The rain made it wet and uncomfortable but we survived. I got my haircut in the evening then we made our way back to town.

I may or may not have done a bunch of shopping after I dropped him off  : /

Friday, July 23

Payday! My 6 day week got me a bit of overtime, but my shopping from the day before still put me in over my head but I'm surviving. I need better money management skills. Anyone have any tips?

After work S. came down to town. We had some drinks and talked of opening our own hotel, where I would run the hotel, and she would run the kitchen. It would be fun. Who knows what the future might hold. We hit up the bar, danced a bit. Afterward we decided to be neighbourhood menaces and picked flowers around the park and such. Nothing serious, just one or two here and there. We ended up making a pretty bouquet. Oh, the things you do when intoxicated.

Some craziness at the bar - like some guy who just lights up a cigarette and starts smoking away, not thinking a thing. He didn't even get caught, a random girl just walked by and said something to him and he hid it then got rid of it.

Saturday, July 24

Here I am at work once again. Me and S. went out for Pizza Delight buffet and she left shortly after, and I took a nap before work.

Looking forward to getting off work tomorrow night and hanging out with B. for a little while. Another 6 day work week ahead of me. At least I'll be getting lots of money.

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Melly said...

I have my hubby do our budget and then I just have him tell me how much I can spend. I find it easier that way. I'm like you in that I will get over my head.



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