Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blog Award Time!

I got to work Friday morning to find a message from my favorite Purple Lady, telling me I had won an award! Which is always good to hear. Thanks a bunch! Now it is time to follow those rules, and pass it on.


Conditions of this award:
-Thank the person who gave it to you.
-Share 7 things about yourself.
-Nominate 6 other blogs.
-Notify the new winners.

Seven Things About Me:
  1. I am 22, but constantly think in my head that I am already 23. That will be in less then 3 months!
  2. The best times for thinking are when I'm walking on the beach, or swinging on swings, but there needs to be music!
  3. I'm finally starting to really feel comfortable with everything about me.
  4. I have a half brother and sister - they are 18 (almost 19) year old twins.
  5. In a few more words, I was called 'annoying' and a 'nitwit' by some random person (who attacks anyone who says anything about The Bachelor's Vienna) on twitter because of this tweet of mine, which I just discovered yesterday. Yay for internet haters.
  6. I love cafeteria pizza. Mrs. Vanelli's is a close alternative.
  7. I'm currently working 6 days a week, at the job I love.  

I'd like to pass this along to:
Stacy @ Stacy Says
MiMi @ He & Me + 3


Melissa said...

Thanks so much for the award! I'll be honest though - I don't really "do awards" even though I am really grateful for it. Seriously. thanks!!!

chelsea rebecca said...

AHH CONGRATULATIONS on your award! you deserve it times a bijillion!
and thanks so much for passing it on to me! you are so sweet. this made my day!!!

He & Me + 3 said...

Thank you for passing this award on to me. That was sweet. It was nice to read more about you. Wow working 6 days a week. Good think you love it!
I enjoy walking on the beach too. So relaxing.

a. said...

Thank you so much for passing this award onto me, I feel very special :)

You too have an award waiting for you on my blog :)



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