Friday, July 23, 2010

Anonymously Yours - Week 2

Anonymously Yours:

Whatever you say, it must be an anonymous comment.
This may become a regular thing, with a different twist each week.

A couple of rules..

1) Don't be cruel. Any comments meant to be mean or offensive will probably be deleted
2) Have fun with it

This week

Anonymously share a secret, something that happened or that you felt in the past week.
It doesn't have to be anything serious or shocking.

: )


Anonymous said...

Someone saw my ex for the first time and said.."How the hell did he f*k that up? She's way too good looking for him anyway." HAHA

Anonymous said...

here's my big secret: for all my tough talk, i just want you to look at me and see your dream girl. that's all i want from you. i want you to wake up and realize that you can't live without me in your life. it kills me that i can't make you see that no one will ever love you the way i do, thick and thin, just as you are. i just want you. that's all.

Anonymous said...

I would give anything to have one real friend that didn't live hours and hours away. I'm getting tired of feeling alone.

Anonymous said...

I feel like I appreciate my friends and go that extra mile for them but I sometimes feel that they don`t care enough to do the same for me. Do I care so much more than they do?



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