Thursday, July 8, 2010

Shopping Trip & Polls for You

I had a massive shopping day. I'll need to spend days upon days at the beach to rid my shopping guilt. Why? Because I bought three bikinis. Yeah, three. On top of the 4 or so that I barely wear I already own. So I need to get beaching, starting tomorrow.

What a beautiful past couple of days. I found a picture to represent how great it's been.

So it's been like that, except a bit hotter. Hotter like you wouldn't want to be jumping around so much, but still it's been great. I finally have tomorrow off to enjoy the beach with mother :)

Because I really don't have much to say, I'm going to share a couple of my shopping pictures, and I added some polls to keep you guys entertained a bit.

Suit #1 - Bluenotes - $12
Suit #2 - Bluenotes - $12

Suit #3 - Garage $18

Shorts from Garage - $20

Dress for a wedding I'm going to in August - Pseudio - $20

New casual work shoes - Wally World - $15

Refills for the most amazing razor ever. Smoothest legs I've ever had! Gilette Venus.

Hope you're enjoying your weather as much as I am!


Caro said...

Love the blue and white bikini.

Connie said...

The beach! I can't wait to go there this summer! I looooove summer (:



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