Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Recap of the Week

It is the 7th, and that seems like a great day for a recap. Starting with Canada Day!

Thusrday, July 1st, 2010

I headed up to the tourist hot spot to visit family I've never met with mother, sister, and nephew. Before visiting at the cottage, we made a quick trip to the beach with my friend SM. Nephew had a freaking blast, although most of the time it looked like he was trying to drown himself. He'd have so much water in his eyes that he couldn't open them, but still be laughing and running around.

I found the water kind of cold. Him, obviously not. 

I got crazy annoyed when I was headed home and couldn't get to my apartment because of blocked streets, and couldn't find parking elsewhere for about a half an hour.


Just another busy night at work. Made plans with S to visit after work for the night, just so I would stop pacing around the apartment, feeling restless. Approximately 9 o'clock we changed our plans to meet up to go camping. I only got off work at 10. The plans were a bit random. 


Work up probably around 5am to birds chirping non-stop. My day out of the apartment turned into me driving back home around 9am so I could get some sleep before work. And what a crazy night at work that was. By the time I went home, there was one room left in the hotel, and a wedding dance was going full swing. 


I work the morning shift, so I was exhausted. And I honestly don't remember the rest of the day. 


 Ahhh, day off. I was productive.. cleaning and packing and laundry. Finally had that visit with S. Sister, her friend, and nephew went out to eat with S and I, then me and S. went to see Grown Ups. Pretty decent movie. I was sad about having to go home right after. I was nice hanging out and talking. 

I also got to play Wii Fit while at S's place. I hula hooped. 


Mother came to me at work and asked me if I wanted to go out for fish and chips after work. Of course! So we did that, and it was good. When B got off work he got us donair egg rolls and pizza. It was also good. I am spoiled a bit, I think.


Is today. My third morning shift in 4 days, so I am TIRED. More than ready for a nap, but it's 8 pm. Not good napping time. I think I'm going to go out into the insane heat to go for a walk soon. Hopefully it has cooled down. Hopefully your week has been as nice as mine was, minus being so tired.

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