Sunday, June 27, 2010

Getting To Know You Another Time

1.If you had 5000.00 to spend on plastic surgery what would you have done?

Boob job. I know, it's a little sad but I'm tired of really cute clothing not fitting me because I lack in that department.

2. Do you watch Soap operas and if so what is your favorite and why?

I don't, but I used to be obsessed with Days of Our Lives when I was 13-14ish.

3. Favorite clothing brand?

I don't have a favorite brand, I just have a few favorite stores.

4. An afternoon shopping spree at your favorite store or maid service for a year?

Shopping, definitely. I don't mind cleaning that much.

5. would you ever vajazzle?

I don't know exactly what that entails, but I have an idea, and I pick no.

6. Favorite Disney Princess?

I'm having a hard time choosing. I guess I just don't have one.

7. Last movie that made you bawl your eyes out?

I can't think of any that have lately. Letters to Juliet had me crying a bit.

8. Have you ever broken any bones and if so what?

None of my own, no.

Getting to know YOU


Gypsy Heart said...

Hi there,
Glad you stopped by...I appreciate it! Off to read more on your blog ~ it is lovely.

Have a blessed week ~

Chelle said...

Totally giggled at your #5! Hehe!

Kellie said...

Yeah, a shopping girl! Love that!

My Life in Purple said...

Come on, wouldn't you bedazzle your va-jay-jay?? hahah

He & Me + 3 said...

I haven't broken any bones either...thank goodness. I would totally take maid service. I am a neat freak and my kids are not. LOL

Rasha said...

Fun questions and answers!



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