Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Lists of Fours

Sometimes, I really want to get caught up on my blog reading, but after trying all day, I need a break. Yet I still can't stop clicking and reading. I love you guys. So I decided I would just take a quick break and make my own post :)

I am going to do an entry of fours. Here goes.

Four Movies Venassa Cannot Wait to See
  1. Sex and the City 2 (anyone else?)
  2. Letters to Juliet (the preview gives me goosebumps!)
  3. One for the Money (Set to come out in 2012. I am obsessed with the books, by Janet Evanovich. Read them if you haven't. There is cursing, stuff of a sexual nature, and all kinds of violence and action. She is a female bounty hunter. They are the most entertaining and funny books I've ever read.)
  4. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Four Things Venassa Looks Forward to
  1. Getting my own apartment
  2. Decorating my own apartment
  3. My possible trip to Ontario with the boyfriend
  4. My best friend's wedding in May 2011

Four Things I Would Love to be Snacking On Right Now
  1. A hot caramel sundae
  2. Cotton candy
  3. Jello
  4. Cyclone pop, which looks like this, except the one I love is blue and red

Four Blogs that I Recommend (out of the big bunch that I love)
  1. Noelle @ Because Nice Matters
  2. Kellie @ Hendricks Family
  3. Connie @ About Him + Her 
  4. Whitney @ The Glamorous Life of a Housewife

Four of my Favorite Facebook-Fails

Four Good and Not-so-Good Webcam Pics

Webcam was very new to me at this point

Good friends

My very short hair

So many 'at work' webcam shots

Four Things on My Wishlist
  1. A nice couch/love seat and chair for my livingroom
  2. My own flat screen tv
  3. A raise. I love my job but I'd love it more if it paid more
  4. The best camera there is

Anyone have a list they'd like to share? I love lists.


Shell said...

I want to see Letters to Juliet,too. One for the Money...I just don't see Katherine Heigel as Stephanie!

Noelle said...

Letters to Juliette is my favorite movie since While You Were Sleeping...and that's saying something. I saw While You Were Sleeping 12 times in the theatre! :)

Thanks for the mention of my blog!!!

Have a happy weekend!!!

a. said...

I just made this list :)
I saw Letters to Juliet - SEE IT! so cute and now I want to go to Sienna

Connie said...

Thanks for the love, girl! You are too sweet (:



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