Sunday, April 25, 2010

Guest Blogger: The Diva Bee

Guest Blogger: The Diva Bee

When Venassa originally posted about having guest bloggers for the weekend, I immediately jumped for it! As soon as I click "post comment" to enable me to write a comment informing her I would do so, I immediately thought... 'wait, what in the world would I, the Diva Bee, have to say?' After recieving an e-mail from V telling me she was going to visit her mother, and that we both have momma-lovin' in common... it all makes sense. So here we are, me...the Diva Bee.. guest posting for Venassa. Hopefully I don't bore you with my randomness, and slight precaution... I tend to sometimes get off track.

So what's the true meaning of a Momma's Girl?

Look in the dictionary and I assure you, you'll see my picture. I don't know why I have always clingled to my mother the way I have, but for some reason or another I do. When I was off at college, three hours away from my mommy, it wasn't anything out of the ordinary to me anyways to talk to her at least 10 times a day, at least 3 of those conversations being an hour or longer. Is it to anyones suprise that I came back home after two years just to be closer to her? (of course, I want to be close to my dad too but come on! this is a momma's girl talkin'...)

Maybe living at home with your parents at the age of 21 isn't ideal to most, but to me? HA! Couldn't get much better. You see, 'Momma's Girl' comes with it's perks. There's the constant being babied... that's right my mom still does my laundry. (Okay, let's be honest for a sec: I've tried to get her to let me do it but she refuses... she has a laundry obsession like most do with shopping.) Every morning starts about the same, we wake-up... always at the same time, weird, I know... I run around the house opening all the blinds while she does her morning routine (ya know... age defying moisturizer and all that jazz) and while she's pouring our cups of coffee I head outside and get the newspaper. Drum roll, here's where things get funny. We meet up outside to drink our coffee, coffee that I have drank since I was probably 7-8 years old because I wanted to be just like her; read our newspapers, that's right we get two newspapers one for her one for me (HA!); and smoke our cigarettes. Later, when coffee time is complete, we head to the fridge to get our Diet Pepsi's. Why Diet you ask? My whole entire life I've drank 'diet'...because my mom did....because I wanted to be just like her...that's why. Seriously, I might have a problem when it comes to how much I like my mom... okay yeah, I most definately do. Everytime my dad calls her and she says "oh Haley and I are just out and about," my dad knows something bad is gonna happen. (ps. haley=the diva He knows us as "Partners in Crime" and on those specific days, he should probably freeze his banking account. Heh...heh... Here's where I let you in on a little secret, but foremost I have to share with you something that's not a secret at all: My mom is OBSESSED with buying dishes. The Secret: since my mom refuses to lie to my dad, when she buys dishes she stashes them in the attic, lets a month roll by, and then brings them out. When good ol' Pops says "hey, when did you get these?" her response, "...oh I've had em!" Yes, I partner with her in this crime...who couldn't love such a BRILLIANT mom!

Enough about how much we're too much a like, it's time to tell you why I love her so much. My mom has always been my supportive cheerleader, her shoulder is always there catching my tears as they fall, and when crying from laughing so hard she's always passing me a tissue and helping me catch my breath. She knows me better than I could ever know myself, she finishes my sentences, dots my I's and crosses my T's. Her opinions and spoken wisdom always makes me see the world with a vision a little more clearer. When my outfit looks bad, or seems out-of-the-occassion she'll be the first to tell me to change and try again. She puts me in line when I step an inch out, and she'll straight up tell me when I'm being selfish and unappreciative. She makes me want to be the best I can be, and for that I love her more than anything. She is my inspiration and my day-to-day blessing. She's not only my mother, she's sincerely my best friend.

Now with a slow stream of tears flowing down my cheek, I think this is a good point for me to wrap up. (sorry, I tend to get a little emotional when thinking about how much my mom truly means to be and how much I am really blessed by being her daughter) I hope you enjoyed this little blog post, and I want to thank Venassa for letting me be a part of her blog. :)

-The Diva Bee

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