Monday, March 22, 2010

Summer Clothing Shopping

I had an amazing day of shopping today. I only bought 3 things, but I love them all. I am absolutely in love with my skirt from Smart Set. I've been eyeing it for weeks, and there was only one left in my size, and it was on sale. I couldn't NOT buy it. It's actually a skort.

From Stitches, I got a little black dress and a little white top. Here I am wearing them both with a belt.

While browsing around in the mall this shirt from Suzy Shier became part of my wish list.

When I finished with the mall I came home and took out all my summer clothes, and put away 2 of my 3 winter coats. I just had to try on a bunch of stuff while putting it in the closet. I just can't wait until it's time to start wearing it all.

Then I spent a few minutes taking some pictures. Days off are wonderful.



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