Sunday, February 7, 2010

Somebody had a birthday yesterday

Everyday now feels like a sleepover in my household.

Our roommate moved out a couple of days ago and we took his bed (a big air mattress) out to the livingroom so we could lay and watch tv comfortably. We slept out here last night. It was nice having the space, change of scenery, and I loved the sleepover feel of it.

It was the boyfriend's birthday yesterday. I got him a bunch of little things, and also ended up getting him a griddle, which makes the best bacon ever. And I also got him a Dairy Queen ice cream cake, which I also think I enjoyed more than he did. Birthdays are great.

We got a Wii on payday. Well, he paid for it. So far we got the new Super Mario Brothers, Rockband, and Mario Kart. I'm loving the Mario Kart the most, of course.

It's been nice having these couple of days off to just hang out together.

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