Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Me: Great Sales Person

It always makes me a little sad when I get to the end of the list of the blogs I follow. I love them.

On a random note, the knuckles of my left hand look severely damaged from trying to warm up my hand by keeping it under my leg. Awesome -31 wind chill is doing a great job of cooling down the office I'm sitting in.

I'm turning into a regular old sales person. Besides my day job of selling hotel rooms, my part-time job of selling groceries, I also just completed a day of flea market sales. I think I probably made at least $70. I'm now selling my mini fridge, and my 3rd couch. I have times set up for people to see each of them. I think I'm on a roll here.

And do I ever need the money.

It's a certain boy's birthday on Saturday. He asked me what I have planned, because I always plan stuff. I don't have anything too exciting planned, but I'd like to have lots of extra money so I'm not limited if a great idea strikes.

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