Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

1. Books
I love love love books. I've been slacking on reading lately, but I wish I had all the time and patience in the world to sit and read all the time. I walk into a bookstore and get so overwhelmed because I just want to read everything. And I'm not a library person. I want to own the book, even if I sell or give it away afterwards.

I found this picture at one of my favorite blogs that I read anonymously. No Hometown. And now all I want to do is rainbow coordinate my bookshelf. What a beautiful idea.

2. The OC
Not once did I watch the show while it was actually on tv. I came across it when my sister bought the first season on dvd and let me borrow it when she was done. I ended it owning and watching all four seasons before she ever did. I'm not re-watching them all for the second time, and loving it just as much as the first time. Seth and Summer are my favorite fictional couple ever, I think.

3. Scrapbooking
Because when it's all glued and done, it almost always looks beautiful. It a much more creative and pretty way to look back on all the amazing memories.

4. These Blogs

5. These Amusing Websites

6. Probably the Best Feeling in the World...

7. Cheesecake
I just bought a Philadelphia Cream Cheese cookbook. There are simple entertaining-style dip recipes, many cheesecake recipes, random goody recipes, and even some entree recipes. Of course the cheesecake recipes are my favorite but this Mini Cheesecake Basket recipe looks pretty cute for Easter.

8. Photography
It's just so pretty. I'd love more than anything to have a really good, expensive camera to be able to play around with. Especially when the beautiful summer weather comes around.

I was planning on making this a list of 10, but my steam has run out. But 8 is a great number anyway.

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