Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Camera happy me

I made cupcakes and a cake today.

I am a pro at messing this stuff up, apparently. These are my droopy cupcakes.

Here is my final creation. Volcano cake, surrounded by mini volcanoes. Not very apetizing.

Next try will be Oreo Jell-O. I messed this up last time. Wish me luck when I make this tomorrow. Or maybe tonight.

Besides the baking, I've had a quiet, boring night. I've been home alone most of the night. I watched tv, fell asleep on the couch, played a little Guitar Hero and failed at it. In the middle of my boredom I got camera happy. Some of those pictures I will share.

This is my new winter coat:

My new beige coat for any season but winter:

Another non-winter coat.

My new favorite shoes.

The cutest boy ever on his 2nd birthday.

My new Wal-Mart bikini!

And my little project from a few days ago. What was once an ugly shoe box is now a cute little storage box, thanks to some random scrapbook paper.

This was a fun little waste of time. Now I am off to make supper for a certain boy who should just be getting off work.

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