Tuesday, January 19, 2010

All about happy

I am... reading old Cosmos, to make sure there's no interesting information I should re-read before I part ways with them. Sad?

My life is at that point where there is nothing exciting to talk about. There is no real drama, no real excitment. Just a calm, content kind of happy.

I have such high expectations for happy, that very rarely have I ever admitted that I actually was. I am now.

Despite the pay being nothing to brag about, I love my job. I love my manager, and the hotel's general manager. My co-workers are great. I don't really get excited about going to work, but I almost always enjoy it while I'm there.

Two of my favorite friends are finally engaged (to each other, of course) and I get to be a bridesmaid in 2011. I'm just so excited over it all. They are the first friends to get married. Now if only someone would be the first to have a baby...

That crazy ex-roommate of mine is back to have random nights out with. I love last minute plans. And it's nice to have someone around again who shares my love for How I Met Your Mother.

I have the cutest nephew in the world.

Jessie (my car) has winter tires for the first time since being in my possession. Yay.

And the mushy, relationship stuff. Things have been feeling great lately. He makes me really laugh. I look forward to seeing him. (Although sometimes I look forward to getting rid of him :p) He says the nicest things to me that I've ever heard. The things he did that annoyed me when we were first dating, amuse me now. We go to bed at the same time a lot lately and just lay there and talk. No matter how tired I am. We do the most annoying, pathetic, couply things, then laugh about it. We act like idiots together. I just love being with him.

Yeah, I'm the happiest I've ever been.

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