Friday, October 23, 2009

Random 'me' things

  1. I was born at 11:21 am
  2. I'd probably still take out my Barbies every now and then if I still had them
  3. I really want a kitten
  4. I love the atmosphere of eating at a pub when the live band first gets on stage
  5. This blog has probably inrpired me more than anything else ever has
  6. I'm way too addicted to TV shows on DVD
  7. Wedding dances are so much fun
  8. I really really wish I wasn't so picky with food
  9. I hope no one else in my family has a baby for a few years so I can spoil my only nephew
  10. Music sounds better from my iPod than anywhere else
  11. I recently realized I'm definitely more of a forgiver than a forgetter
  12. I absolutely love my job but it doesn't feel like enough
  13. I love sending and receiving mail
  14. I wish I read as much as I used to
  15. Someday I'd like to host a big, semi-formal party
  16. The movie 'He's Just Not That Into You' is so true.
  17. I hate it when they turn a book into a movie, but change around way too much of the story
  18. I love getting gift cards because I love shopping for almost anything
  19. I wish everyone would just get along
  20. I'm too hungry to go on with this

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