Wednesday, October 21, 2009

NaNoWriMo Time

I can't believe how close to November it already is. It's almost NaNoWriMo time. "The goal is to write a 175-page (50,000-word) novel by midnight, November 30."

I made an attempt last year but lost interest/ideas in my story, so I gave up. It's HARD. I want to try again, which almost seems like a really stupid idea since I'm working 32-40 hours a week at one job, and 4-20 hours a week at the other job. I'm short on free time. But I think I'll try anyway. I just need an idea to work with, cause so far, I've got nothing.

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Holly said...

Nanowrimo is tough--I tried it a few years ago. Now, I am happy rooting on my friends each year. :)



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