Tuesday, March 13, 2012

50 Things to do on maternity leave - the 6 month update

When I first started my maternity leave, I made a list of 50 random things I'd like to do while on maternity leave. I recently stumbled upon those posts again, and well, it's pretty sad how little I've accomplished, and how much I've completely given up on. I've officially been done work for 6 months as of March 2nd, so let's revisit a few, shall we? 

(Original posts part one and part two)

1. Write a post solely about poop
Not yet, but I'm sure I'll get there.

3. Make at least 50 handmade greeting cards (the ones made before September 3rd don't count)
I've made...two. 

4. Get rid of anything and everything that I don't really use
I am trying so hard to sell some stuff and finally get my closet cleaned out. 

6. Teach a baby to walk before she's a year old!
Right now we're working on sitting up. She's doing pretty good. 

7. Think long and hard about going back to school
Thought about it, and the answer is 'no'. Or at least 'not now'. 

8. Take baby girl out for her first Halloween like Mom did with me
Nope. Babygirl was too high maintenance back then, and that night was cold. We gave out treats instead. 

10. Take my grandfather up to stay with us for a few nights after the baby is born
Nope, but we have stayed with him once, and are about to do it a second time this weekend

11. Take really nice photos of baby once a month
Nope, but I take her 'growth photos' each month. I hope to take really nice photos outside once the weather is warm enough for her. 

14. Hit 200 blog followers
Almost to opposite - I've been a slacking blogger lately. 

15. Hit 500 Twitter followers
I've also been slacking at tweeting. 

19. Take a trip to NB with baby
I did this! And I plan to do it at least once more. 

20. Make an effort to dress up a few days a week
I get dressed almost every day. I even put on makeup some days. 

21. (Maybe) host Christmas at our place this year
We went to moms. 

22. Decorate for every holiday
Um.. I put up a Christmas tree for Christmas only. 

23. Celebrate every holiday as if the baby actually knows what's going on
I hope to celebrate a proper Easter, but I skipped Valentine's Day and will skip St. Patrick's day, but next year I will be ready! 

26. Read at least 20 books
So far I've read two (and a half) and I'm in the middle of a third. The 'half' book that I read was a really boring library book that I gave up on. 

28. Get more than 15 comments on a single blog post
My blog is too boring for that. 

30. Make sure all baby photos are organized and dated for easy scrapbooking
They are, thanks to technology saving them to the computer with the proper 'date taken'. 

31. Scrapbook a few baby pages a month to try to keep somewhat on top of it
I scrapbooked an intro page

32. Do Project 365 of just baby (a photo a day for a year)
Big fat fail. 

33. Go blonde
I don't even want to

35. Read all the Harry Potter books
If I ever get them all

36. See all of the Harry Potter movies
I bought movies 1-4 and part 1 of the last one. 

38. Grow my crafting blog
I've half given up

42. Breast feed (pump) for at least three months
I did a month

43. Go to a baby and mommy activity
Maybe someday. 

44. Make a lot of my Christmas gifts instead of buying
I didn't

45. Get Chloe on a bedtime schedule early
She's on a great schedule

46. Buy more second hand than brand new
Definitely doing this! 

47. Work a little bit while on parental leave to make extra $$
I've done it once

50. Soak up every moment
I soak up quite a few. She's an amazing little girl. 

So there you have it. I've done a few things, but given up on so many. But in my opinion, making the list is half the fun anyway.

For more fun lists of goals and such, visit my current blog, A Life of Our Own.


Theresa said...

Welcome to motherhood, but you did manage to check a few off! She's growing so big! Time is just flying! Just thought I'd drop in & say hi with a comment, trying hard not to do the dinner dishes lol. Yes, I must. Take care!I'll be by again sooner!

Stephanie said...

This is a wonderful idea and a great list of things. It's so hard to imagine what life will be like with a newborn when you've never experienced it before, so I give you props for the things you have checked off the list. You can always keep that list going after maternity leave. :)

SG to SP said...

I'm still super jealous of the fact you get a year maternity leave. Mine was so short I barely had time to do anything non baby related in those 6 weeks and now with working full time I hardly am able to watch a 30 minute t.v. show all the way through. So I commend you on the things you have accomplished. Amazing how much time a little person sucks from you!

Baby Sister said...

I'm impressed that you've done as many as you have. :) It's better than nothing!!

Sean Marie said...

Damn, one year maternity leave? That's awesome. These are some great ideas! I don't blame you for not getting around to them though.



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