Tuesday, February 7, 2012

5 Social Media Pet Peeves

I'm linking up with Moments that Define Life for Listable Life. These are five things that drive me crazy about social media.

1. People who don't know how to 'Pin'. 
There's nothing more annoying than coming across and awesome looking pin on Pinterest and clicking on it to find that the link takes you to all kinds of crazy places. I've had pins take me to just a blog's homepage, instead of the specific post that should've been linked to the pin. I've also once clicked on a pin for some sort of dessert, and was taken to a post about sandwiches or something. It's simple - make sure the thing that you're pinning links back to the place where you found that 'pin' in the first place. 

2. The serial tweeter. 
Some people have twitter conversations, so they pop up a lot on the main page. That is understandable. But when someone is just tweeting to themselves, a million tweets by the minute, it's just annoying. I follow more than 550 people. You should not be flooding my twitter homepage. Just sayin'. 

3. The Facebook on again / off again relationship.
Oh, today you love your boyfriend. Oh, now you hate him? You're broken up. You're back together. He's a scumbag. He's the love of your life. Make up your mind, or at least keep your craziness off facebook. I don't need to hear about every fight you have. 

4. 'Come Follow My Blog' bloggers.
I hate having people ask me to follow their blogs. Usually if people have to ask for followers, it's because their blog isn't keeping people there in the first place. Great content doesn't need to beg for followers. If I like you're blog I'll follow it because of that, not because you ask me to. And if you ask, I'm less likely to even give it a chance. Sorry, but that's just the way I am. 

5. The people who post a million times a day.
If you have important things to say, I can understand more than one post a day. More than three posts a day? I can't find a reason why you'd need to post four times. Tomorrow is another day, I'm sure the fourth post can wait. 

What bothers you about social media?


Nicole @MTDLBlog said...

Oh the Facebookers! I love Facebook...but I actually wrote an entire post about Facebook....right on with that one! And, as for Pinterest...I need to go make sure I did it right! You've got me thinking I might have pinned all wrong! Just do me a favor, give me a day before you go to my boards ;-) Thanks SO much for linking up! Really enjoyed your post, and I've learned something too - best kind of posts!

Sean Marie said...

I have a whole long list about shit that bothers me on FB alone. I hate how people constantly change their relationship status. Like do we really need to know everytime you and your bf/gf have a fight and "break up"? So annoying.

Karin @Mommy's Paradise said...

True, I'm hardly ever on Pinterst and Facebook, just on my page, but when #2 is too annoying for me, I simply unfollow, same with #4. This rather pushes me away. And #5 tells me a lot about the quality of the post. No reason I need to know what the family-dog had for breakfast, lunch and dinner, right?

Suzi Peterson said...

I agree your list. (I have to admit I was a little hopeless when I began "pinning", though and am still not on twitter~I have a "dumb" phone..lol)
Hope it's not annoying to invite you over to my blog, though ;)

SG to SP said...

Great list! I hate when people post their every move/everything they eat on Facebook. I can't imagine anyone cares that much about anyone else's life.

Sandra Kohlmann said...

#3 and #4 drive me crazy, too. Nothing says, "I didn't really read your post," more clearly than the follow-me-back comment.

As for #1, my bigger pet peeve is when people pin a ton of their own stuff. I was following a gal, then she pinned about 50 of her own photographs in one day (no exaggeration). I was done with her that day. Isn't Pinterest supposed to be about remembering things you love and sharing them with others? I believe that even the Pinterest people don't want it used just as a means of self-promotion.

And now I'll step off my soap box.

Jayme said...

i hate people that are all smoochy face huggy bear disgusting with their significant other on facebook- totally talking back and forth crap no one wants to read- take it to text or pm

Baby Sister said...

Oooo, definitely number 1 and number 4!! I also hate when pins take you back to the same pin...so not cool!!



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