Thursday, February 23, 2012

5 Random Thoughts

1. I got to spend some time with my nephew, Mr Personality, on Tuesday when we went to visit my grandfather. He had a blast dancing in the backseat of the car. 

2. I love this Jenna Marbles video. The whole part about not showering everyday? I couldn't possibly relate to that anymore. I can't shower everyday. My hair doesn't look like this from walking out of the shower. Nope, it takes either hours of air drying or 15 minutes of blow drying just to dry my hair. Then about a half an hour of straightening. Add that to the 20 minute shower time and that's a minimum of an hour from shower to hair-ready. It's not easy. Hence the ponytail hairstyle anytime I know I won't be seeing anyone important. 

3. Baby sleep training is probably the best thing ever. I only used to put Chloe to bed if she fell asleep. When I used to complain about her never napping? Totally my fault. Baby was tired, she just needed to be put to bed. Sometimes she will still whine or cry for awhile, and sometimes it does get to the point where I will get her up for another hour or so because she just doesn't want to go to bed. But usually, I can put her in her bed awake and she'll put herself easily back to sleep. Only once in months have I had a problem getting her back to sleep through the night. Teaching her to put herself to sleep was the best thing I could've done. 

4. I did some thinking yesterday about my life. And about how this is the easiest I'm ever going to have it. Being a single working mother, I'm never going to have tons of money for nice things. Unless I change things, life is always going to be a struggle, financially. And so I made some calls, hoping to head towards better things. 

I felt like I had been so productive, until I realized a couple of hours later that the messages I left hadn't been returned, and at no point had I ever talked to anyone who was helpful. So out of the 5 phone calls I felt great about making yesterday, I got no where. Even today, people have yet to call me back. It's too bad one of the calls is time sensitive and it looks like I'll be no where near being ready in time. Thanks a lot, people who can't return phone calls within 24 hours. It's soon time to be the girl that calls every hour or something. 

5. I'm heading back home from my mother's today. I'm excited to be back home where we have our own routine and things are simple. But I'm annoyed because I have no phone service and I will have to struggle to follow through on any of my phone calls. I doubt Chloe wants to go sit in the car somewhere to make phone calls. Sometimes I wonder why anything can't be simple for me these days. 


Sean Marie said...

Your nephew is so cute! And my sister just introduced me to the Jenna Marbles videos yesterday. She's hilarious. I can't wait til I can teach Natalie how to put herself to sleep. She did it one time when I put her in her bassinet and had a jingly toy above her. It was awesome.

Hang in there girl. Things WILL get better and you'll get through this rough patch.

a. said...

Its very frustrating to not get calls returned! Hope it all works out :)

Baby Sister said...

That picture of your nephew is adorable. He's so cute. :) I hope you heard back from said people. I hate not having control of situations like that. It drives me crazy!!



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