Friday, November 11, 2011

Meet Newborn Chloe {Video}

Look at me, all posting videos. This is my first time ever uploading to YouTube. I take many videos with my phone, but never once thought of posting any - so here is my first one. 

Meet Chloe. Here she is when she is very newborn - 2 days old - on September 27th. This is how she cried for the first week or so of her life. It's the cutest, but saddest cry ever. 

* Warning.. it starts off quiet but don't turn it up. I get in real close and she gets louder. It scares current Chloe when I watch it and she's nearby. 

I miss it. It's nothing compared to her wails now. 

And I would know - because I write this we are having one of those "cry no matter what I do" nights. My favorite. She cries, I pick her up. She's fine. Eventually, I'll put her down or put her in her swing or her chair. And she cries. Repeat. Sometimes I'll feed her. She'll fall asleep. I'll get up to put her in her bed, her eyes pop open. She lays in bed half asleep for five minutes then cries. Repeat. Last night she was in bed by 8. It was lovely. It is now almost 11. 

I'm tired. I'm very hot from constantly holding her and picking her up. I'm tired and I'm tired of trying to get her not to cry. It's exhausting. 

But lucky me - she stills looks wide awake. 

Just another Thursday night. 


Baby Sister said...

Awww, her cries are so cute!! I hope you get some rest soon.

Haley said...

Things like this make my B clock tick. She is absolutely precious.



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