Friday, November 18, 2011

I look like a teenage party animal with a baby

Here's a fun, unknown fact for you. I'm apartment hunting. 

You know what's great about apartment hunting? When early on you find a great place. Hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, new kitchen appliances, a huge living room with lots of space for a craft area.

You know what's not so great? The landlord to my dream apartment giving me 'the talk' about how there's no partying, no noise, no teenagers in and out. Um hello lady? I'm twenty effin four years old. I'm not a teenager. I have a (not even) two month old daughter, which leads to very little partying. The baby was there with me. I told her I wasn't much of a partier. She said there's no parties at all. Yeah, I get the point. 

She seemed less than thrilled when she said I'd need to fill out an application and I asked for one. She was friendlier when I called about returning it to her. I know she called one of my references - my current landlord who wouldn't even give a reference because my name isn't on the cheques, yet when I talked to him he made a big deal about me moving out because my name is on the lease. I never signed the lease, therefore I'm not legally entitled to stay here. Not to mention B. is staying her and continuing to pay rent as usual. 

So I know crabby lady called that one reference, but I know she hasn't called S., who is one of the other references. I'm tempted to call my boss at work and ask if they called her yet. 

I did find one other place that I like quite a bit (even though the current tenants seem to be kind of like hoarders... of empty beer cans), but I can't get the other apartment out of my head.  

I pray that crabby lady gets desperate and rents to me. It is, after all, the 18th of November so December 1st is fast approaching and she hasn't rented it out yet. 

Either way, I need to know because if not I need to make my calls about my second favorite apartment. 

The joys of apartment hunting. 

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Tyler said...

Good luck getting your first choice!

Haley said...

That sucks. I hate crabby people. You don't look much like a a party-er and if you were to wanna party I don't really see you being the person that throws parties where you and Diva C reside. I see you being more of the "hey do you wanna come over and drink jack and coke or have a glass of wine and watch some movies" type of gal. Either way, I like em both :)

Baby Sister said...

That sucks. Good luck!! I hope you end up getting the first. I hope she's nice to you. :)

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

Ugh some people just enjoy being difficult! I hope you get the place you want, fingers crossed

Sean Marie said...

Wow, what a bitch. I'm so sick of people assuming I'm a little pregnant kid too. You're old enough to be on your own and looking for an apartment so why is she giving you crap? Good luck with that. I hope you get the place. :)

Melissa said...

I hate apartment hunting. Good luck!



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