Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Library Card - Share your favorite book!

As of today, September 6, 2011, I am now (for the second time) the owner of a library card. The last time I had a library card I was around 15 years old, and eventually just never brought back a couple of books I had, then never went back to the library. 

So today I went for a walk to the library with B's mom and I got a card and put it to use. It was the perfect time to do it, since I conveniently forgot the book I'm currently reading (The Pact - Jodi Picoult) at mother's place. 

I never thought of the library as a spot to rent dvds, but I just "rented" three dvds for free. August Rush, Precious, and Greek: Chapter 1. They had a few of the Harry Potter movies as well, but not the first two. I'm hoping those are in next time, and I can rent and watch Harry Potter from the beginning. I didn't even think to look for the books, but I'd love to read those from the beginning again as well. I've never seen or read the last two books/movies in the series. 

I was also surprised at the lack of variety in the book section. The fiction section. There wasn't much on the shelf, and there definitely wasn't much by any of my favorite authors. 

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But I'm not too picky. I grabbed a romantic mystery (Meeting Point - Roisin McAuley) and a book that sounds like a girly humorous mystery (A Dose of Murder - Lori Avocato), and I can't wait to get started. I've been a horrible reader these past couple of years, but maybe with a deadline I can get myself reading a bit more. Especially now that I've started my year off work. 

You can stalk my reading progress on GoodReads

Now tell me how you feel about reading. Do you do a lot of it? Do you have and use a library card? Tell me about your favorite book and maybe I'll look that one up the next time I'm there. 


Jayme said...

I'm a buyer not a borrower. I do keep a book list by year, and I've rated the ones in 2011 so far :)
It's on my blog.

a. said...

I have a library card and mostly use it for kids books for my cousins, friends kids but our 2 libraries have many options in all categories. Its wise to borrow! I just finished reading The Help and Love it! and have to get to the movie sometime soon. I am currently reading Maneater and Water for Elephants.

Big D and Me said...

I love the library - try again, they usually have a good selection but you have to get on a waiting list to get the book

I read a ton when I was a new mom (nursing at 2 am with a book). Here's a list of my favorites:

Happy reading!

Baby Sister said...

I'm a buyer. I love adding books to my library. Have you ever read 'The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants' series?? It's by Anne Brasheres. It's great!! I totally recommend that one. :)



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