Thursday, April 7, 2011

Not Quite A Sick Day

Today has not been the best day.

I felt sick as soon as I woke up, and I don't know why. I don't feel like it's morning sickness.

I had my first baby doctor's appointment this morning, which I almost missed, but managed to drag myself to it.

It was just a meeting with a nurse, where she took down a bunch of my information like health background, and gave me a bag of free goodies - a book, a bunch of magazines, prenatal vitamin samples, information on going for an ultrasound. I had no idea you were supposed to go with a full bladder.

She did bloodwork (4 bottles, I think ew), weighed me (I've gained maybe 3lbs so far) and determined my due date (September 23 - one day off from what the internet predicted). I'll probably do a pregnancy update post after I take belly pictures in the next week, then go to my next appointment on the 19th.

And then I went home, had a popsicle and some juice, and napped the afternoon away.

As awesome as I am, I still came to work. What a mistake that was. It was a good night for being yelled at by strangers - 3 times. I think that's a record for me so far.

Gotta love working in customer service. They yell in my face, and then get a gift basket.


a. said...

HEY YOU!!! I want my free gift basket now!

Baby Sister said...

:( I hope you're feeling better now!!



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