Thursday, March 17, 2011

Weather, Etsy, and other stuff

Today basically felt like spring. 

Which I suppose makes sense since spring starts in just a few days. I choose to ignore the weather info that's trying to tell me we're getting snow Friday, Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. 

Spring starts on Monday, okay? Your time is up, snow. 

I did not wear green today. In fact, for most of the day I hadn't even remembered it was St. Patrick's day. I was all for green drinks, green clothes, green baked goods and silly hats back in the day. 

Today... I rushed around like crazy and then was fooled anyway by a clock that hadn't been changed since the time went ahead. Boom.. screwed over again by Daylight Savings Time. 

Since by then I didn't have enough time to make my hair look all pretty, I took a quick walk to the post office to pick up my parcel that I missed the day before. It was my first Etsy purchase. I can't take a photo because my webcam and phone are being uncooperative, so here is the photo from the Etsy shop:

It's really cute and I love it.

Well worth taking a stroll pass our local homeless people. "Got any change.. giiiiirls." They couldn't have been much older than me. They looked pretty happy as they were bumming for change. Maybe it was the pot I could smell off them when I first walked by.

I spent part of today with my favorite three-year old. We went grocery shopping, made lunch, then he trashed the apartment with his lunch and left. To give him credit, he got out the broom and attempted to sweep up the crumbs on his own. It was a short, but fun visit. He blew me kisses the whole time he was walking downstairs to leave with his mom and dad. He is the sweetest little boy. It is long past time that me and him get out and take more pictures. Soon. 

You may not hear from me again for a few days, so have a great weekend! 


Tmo said...

Love that necklace! :)

Jayme said...

I am so happy for spring! I didn't wear green today either.

Baby Sister said...

Cute necklace!!



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