Thursday, January 13, 2011

Parties and Family Time

It's been awhile since I've done much of an update on my life. Now, when I do these, it's not to bore you guys with the mundane details of my daily life, but more because when I look back years from now at this blog I don't want to think "Okay, but what was going on in my life back then?". Thus the boring recaps. 

Wednesday, January 5th
I hitched a ride with my friend Sarah to the other end of the province where I spent the evening with my grandfather. He seems to be easier to communicate with now. It's still a lot of work to get the message across, but the point is you can get messages across now. I managed to explain to him that another friend was picking me up and we'd be going out for a quick dinner, then I'd be back. It would be so amazing if he would just suddenly get better and we could have normal conversations again. But I'd take this over some of the other alternatives any day. Either way, he is still doing better and better each time I see him. The best part? Now I can call him on the phone and sometimes he does answer and we have a quick chat about nothing, but it's still amazing to be able to do it. 

Friday, January 7
We had our staff Christmas party. I took B. with me this year and we sat with the rest of the front desk staff, plus my favorite bartender. It was nice to just hang out without working for once. The two free drinks and $25 Future Shop gift card were pretty nice as well. We didn't stay for the casino part of the evening, but instead spent my gift card on season one of Grey's Anatomy, then had some drinks and hung out at his place. It was nice to just hang out and really talk. It doesn't happen very often. 

Sunday, January 9
My adorable little nephew had his surprise birthday party. He was at my sister's friend's place when we showed up early to decorate and get the food ready. The party was supposed to start at two but by 2:30 there wasn't really anyone there. The entertained him in the car, in the parking lot for a few minutes until a couple more people showed up, then they brought him in. This is the (low quality) picture of his face when he walked in and we yelled 'surprise'. 

He looked so happy, but then kept telling us to 'Stop that noise!' He had such a good time. He was running around playing with the balloons and just laughing the whole time. He got a lot of nice presents - mostly clothes because he got none at all for Christmas. The thing he enjoyed the most? The Cars toys that were his cake toppers. 

The little cutie even told us himself that he had fun at his party. Before we left? He thanked me and Mom for coming. It was very cute. His actual birthday was January 11th. He turned three. 

In General
I've just been spending lots of time being lazy relaxing. I've watched tons of Gilmore Girls, as I'm just a few days away from finishing the very last season. I will be so sad and lost when it's done. It is such a great show.  

Hope you week has been just as fabulous! 

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Baby Sister said...

I'm glad your grandpa is doing better. Your nephew is adorable!! And that is an awesome cake!!
I'm in season 6 of GG and it makes me so sad...I hate when it ends.



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