Friday, August 27, 2010

Recap - August 19 - 27

Thursday, August 19thIt was exactly 2 months before my birthday.
It was the day I decided I'd give up facebook and blogging for week. Giving up facebook was a success, and I was free to log back on today. But I couldn't handle giving up both facebook and blogging for a week. (I was back to blogging by Saturday)

Friday, August 20th

Oh, payday : )
Money sure goes fast when you put off paying your cell bill to go on an awesome weekend getaway the previous payday weekend.

Saturday, August 21st

My sister moved back to Charlottetown at the last minute and when the U-Haul was unpacked, I got my brother and cousins to come help me move my bigger furniture. It was like having a huge weight lifted to not have to worry about my couch, bed, chair, desk and bookshelf. They would not fit in my car, and as of Saturday, I had no other way to move them.

I had a super easy night at work. The wedding that was on-site turned out to be a really small one, and the dance was done before 11:30. Not my kind of wedding dance, but great for when I'm working.

Also, Sarah hung out with me for a bit because we had big plans for Sunday.

Sunday, August 22nd

Me and Sarah got up at the crack of dawn (or 8:30, cause I'm not a morning person), got some McDonald's breakfast with eggs missing from our sandwiches (McD's ordering fail, I guess) and headed to the flea market. Not to shop, but to get rid of my junk. And get rid we did.

We went in with about 5 full bins and boxes. Left with about 2 bins, and I think in total I made about $70 dollars, after paying $24 for the two tables. Getting rid of the junk was more the goal than making money. It was fun.

Monday, August 23rd

Used my morning off to pack up and move a bunch of stuff to mother's place. I live on the 3rd floor of an apartment, and she lives on the 3rd floor of an apartment. TOO MANY STAIRS.

Me and B. spent our last night in 'our' apartment.

Tuesday, August 24th

Staff meeting + 4 hours of work = quick, easy day.

Got to hang out with the lanrdlord after work because she was painting at my place, and was not impressed with me for scratching some paint while moving on Saturday.

Spent my first official night at Mom's. Sister and nephew stayed the night as well.

Wednesday, August 25th

Met people after work to sell my couch. Sad that it's gone. Such a comfortable couch. They had to pick up the couch where it was stored at my brother's, and the mattress from my apartment, and they ran out of gas on the way to my apartment. I was starving waiting for them.

Inhaled some garlic fingers in my car afterwards, before heading back to Mom's. Hung out with mother, nephew and sister again. My nephew is only 2 and a half, but he is hilarious. Is it bad that the funniest moment was when he did a backflip fell off the bed and landed on the floor with his feet hitting the door? He just stared up at us stunned, then started to laugh.

Thursday, August 26th

Is today. I got a wake-up visit from nephew at 8:30, but managed to sleep another hour. Then it was time to eat, then rush to the old apartment to start cleaning.

Turns out there was no water. I still don't know why. So I windexed everything in the livingroom, and smallest spare room, and swept the floors. Mopping will have to wait.

Quiet, easy night at work, then off to B's for the night.

Friday, August 27th

Tomorrow I must clean, pack, then pack the car some more and head up to the west end to visit grandfather and drop some more stuff off. I may call him tomorrow and ask him if he'll take me to bingo tomorrow night : )

I'm spending the night then heading back in time for work Saturday.

Overall, it's been a busy but good week. And this concludes my randomly posted recap of the week.


Baby Sister said...

Sounds like you've had a crazy busy week!! But at least you're getting so much done, and visiting in as well!! That makes up for it. :) Hope you have a restful weekend. :)

Melly said...

Holy cow, busy week! I like your new layout btw. :)



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