Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another Edition of Anonymous Answers

Anonymously Yours:

Whatever you say, it must be an anonymous comment.
This may become a regular thing, with a different twist each week.

A couple of rules..

1) Don't be cruel. Any comments meant to be mean or offensive will probably be deleted
2) Have fun with it

This week

Share a secret: Something wild or crazy you did in high school or college. 

Remember to respond as an anonymous user!

: )


Anonymous said...

I woke up in a dorm room bed after a night on Tequila, with three boys sleeping around me and without a memory of the night before. I still had my stockings on, so nothing tooo bad happened but... I'd wet the bed. Walked home, dying.

Anonymous said...

We broke into a construction trailer and partied in high school. My friend was smart enough to take a camera with...and LEAVE it at the trailer! BUSTED!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...unfortunately, I was kinda the quiet one in high crazy things that I can think either. Seriously, the craziest thing I can think of is staying up all hours of the night eating and laughing with my roommates and our neighbors. I'm boring, yes I know.

Anonymous said...

I haven't told my Mom I have asthma.

I honestly don't think she would believe me, she thinks I'm a hypochondriac.

Everytime I visit and I cough from the cigarette smoke, it's not because I'm faking it, it's because it's causing me to have trouble breathing!



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