Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Socks

I'm actually not wearing any socks. No lie.

No black socks, no white socks, and unfortunately no Friday socks.

But I am kind of ready to party. This is what the rest of my Friday night will consist of:

Cheap 'fruit wine beverage' as the bottle says. Whatever you want to call it, it's good. And it's even better when you drink it in a tiny wine glass. I think Big C for giving me a box of random, mis-matched wine glasses last Saturday, because in the box was 6 of those mini-babies. I'm in love. 

It's getting late, and that makes me sad because I could really use a trip to my best relaxing and thinking place: 

Swings are amazing. 

You know what else is amazing?

These kinds of days with best friends: 

Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend. 

1 comment:

a. said...

I wanna be where you are! I wanna have a day like that with my best friend! And I wanna partyy!



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