Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekly Recap

I have the afternoon off tomorrow WITH the boyfriend for once, so I'm getting this all done up today to schedule to post tomorrow. (Scratch that.. a phone call from B tells me his work switched his schedule. We no longer have any days off together this week, instead of having almost two.)

I know many people do it, and do not feel the need to announce it, but I do. Because I'm a loser last time I tried to schedule a post, it did not post, so this is kind of like a re-test.

It's Sunday (or will be when this posts) already, and I can't freaking believe it. I'll do a quick recap.

Sunday - I was still with my family, we went down to the beach and took pictures.

Monday -I hung out with the love of my life (my nephew) basically all day, and went for a drive with him and mother taking pictures of the water and such. My friend M came over and we watched Love Happens (different from your usual love story, I enjoyed it)

Tuesday - I got up bright and early to get my hair cut. I promised pictures, so pictures you will get.

The pictures don't show the highlights well, it kind of looks like I have just one big blond streak on my left side. And I hate the last picture of me. The hairdresser gets my hair so flat I find I look funny :p

I drove back to town, dropped off nephew along the way. He seemed so mad when I took him home. It upset me to leave him. I had a blast hanging out with him. Two year olds can be so fun, when he's not throwing big, heavy wooden trucks at me.

Wednesday - I got back into the crazy-work swing of things with a night shift Tuesday, followed by a morning shift Wednesday.

Thursday - Was a lovely double shift day, 7-2 at grocery store, 4-12 at hotel. It was killer, for my feet anyway.

Friday - I was forced against my will to get up early to grocery shop, as it was payday. B and I both left work early because we could. I did some insane blog reading that night, just for you guys ;)

Saturday - FINALLY, a full night's sleep, plus time to relax before work. I got to take a long shower, watch some House, make poutine. Yeah, it was a great day. Even the hockey teams staying at the hotel kept along with the great day theme.

I'm kind of lying, as you'll see by Saturday's post. But I manned up and told B and he said all sorts of nice things like "We'll make it work, even though I really want to go home, it wouldn't feel right without you. So let me know, we'll make it work." So I'm happier. 

Back to today, Sunday, is it? 
I'm hoping some people are coming to look at/pick up my couch and computer desk. I put up ads today and I'm already getting emails. We want them gone, to put the money towards Ontario trip. And to not have to move them to our next apartment. That couch is HEAVY.

But I've bored you guys enough for one day.

Don't be surprised if I make a second (less boring) post later today, cause Sunday is 'Getting to Know You' day.



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