Saturday, May 1, 2010


I got all excited these past few days. 

Boyfriend got July 19-29th off from work! Finally, we could make our trip to Ontario, which is where he's from. 

We would go to Canada's Wonderland, eat at Moose Winooski's and Mucho Burrito

Naturally, I would take a couple at least a million pictures. 

We can order our tickets with our next paycheck, since our bills are all paid up as of yesterday's paycheck. 
A first for me.

I have never been out of Atlantic Canada. 
This is my first trip ANYWHERE. 

B sounds so excited when he talks about it. I know he can't wait to go home. I was listening to him tell his Mom  how he can't wait to take me places and show me around and stuff. 

He was going to use his airmiles to get us a night or two at a hotel. I really love that idea.

Everything in Ontario/Toronto would be so big, new exciting to me, compared to this little island I live on. 

I just needed to get the time off work. I work in a hotel, which has it's busy season all summer, of course. 
Naturally, my dreams of going anywhere have been crushed by work. 

{ I haven't even told B yet. and I don't want to }


Haley said...

Oh no! So are you still trying to get off or is it a for sure dealthat you HAVE to work?

I would probably tell em to go shove it. Especially since you've never really taken a trip! GOODLUCK!! :)

leigh ashley said...

BUMMER! did you end up having to work??



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