Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend with friends

I have been a tiny bit MIA. 
This was my weekend.

We gave Mr. John A. MacDonald a drink

I had some drinks with best friends, followed by a mediocre bar night, and amazing chinese food.

I modeled some awesome lobster slippers! I wish they were mine.

Taking cute pictures of my engaged best friends

A photo-shoot on the steps of a nearby church

Me and S

On Sunday we stopped by the beach before all my friends went home.

Today was supposed to be even warmer (lies!) so my friend Sarah packed us a lunch of homemade egg salad and chicken salad sandwiches, some pudding, some Special K bars, and Kool-Aid pouches. She is great.

We spent the afternoon laying and walking on the beach. 

The wind was cold, but we all still got a little touch of sunburn in some way. 

Tonight was the first night of The Bachelorette. 

I am so excited about the rest of the season of this show, as fake and rigged as it can be. Ali is a cutie.

Hope your weekend was as great as mine was!


Noelle said...

The picture of you and your BFF...I love that! You look sassy! :) And hooray for a Bachelorette fan!!! I love Ali too!

My Life in Purple said...

Ooooh, a day on the beach sounds great!! Which beach? Brackley, Cavendish?? My parents wants their ashes to be spread on the beaches when the die (yes, we're morbid and we talk about that sort of thing) :)

I haven't vacationed on the Island in YEARS, can you recommend a good place to stay? You can email me at: I'd rather get a real take on it from someone who lives there, and not just the brochure that the tourism bureau sends!

leigh ashley said...

looks like you had a fun weekend! i tried to make it through the first episode, but ended up changing the channel. i recorded it, so i'll go back and finish it. :)

a. said...

I love the beach! Wish I was going again today and tomorrow, well everyday.



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