Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekend Recap

Weekend Racap

I, Venassa, (in no particular order):

  • Had a night out with my mother, and cousin

  • Had a shopping day with Mother and nephew

  • Took nephew to the park for a walk on a beautiful day. Nephew was tired and cranky, so I didn't get too many good pictures

  • Got to the next level on Diner Dash on PS3

  • Made cheesecake, but it did not turn out well

  • We had a pretty good Easter supper

  • Got to blow bubbles and sit out on my patio

  • Went on a long walk with Mother

  • Started a Photo-Blog

  • Saw my photos printed for the first time since getting my new camera

  • Actually looked into the 2-year photography & digital imaging course at the local college. So far, I would not get in if I applied

  • Apartment hunted with Mother (for herself). We saw one nice place today, and have two appointments for tomorrow

  • Got pushed down the street in a stroller by a 2-year old

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