Saturday, April 10, 2010

Furniture Wishlist

I took a quick walk over to the downtown mall this afternoon to kill a few minutes. It's one of those malls filled with expensive clothing and shoe stores. A dollar store, a pet store, a discount store, etc. My favorite was Wicker Emporium, which is a Canadian furniture/decor store. I made a huge mental wish-list while browsing around.

 I'd love something like this for bathroom/laundry room storage.

They have a bunch of cabinets and such in this style that I loved. I would love to have the one above, and this one in my huge dinning room that I have now (except I'm moving in a couple months).

Or just something like this instead for the dinning room.

I love this hall table as well.
Getting away from Wicker Emporium, I saw something similar to this at Wal-Mart that I definitely want to get for my livingroom once I move.

I've never owned nice furniture. I'm fairly new at the whole "have nice place, decorate place nicely" thing. I cannot wait to get started.

1 comment:

JMay said...

I love the rustic one, cool finds lady! :-)



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