Friday, March 26, 2010

Half Full Friday

Friday isn't really anything special when you do shiftwork. Usually I work weekends. Last weekend in particular was hell. But this weekend I have Saturday off, so it's finally a Friday I can fall in love with. So I'm taking part in Half-Full Friday.

I am happy that my work has awesome key lime cheesecake. And it only costs me $2.

I am happy that I have tomorrow off to spend with my man, who also has tomorrow off.

I am happy that I don't have to spend this weekend playing babysitting for pre-teen sports children staying in our hotel.

I am happy about spring colored nail polish.

I am happy to be a puzzle lover.

I am happy to have Desperate Housewives to watch before bed tonight.

I am happy to know that this is one of our last few snowfalls before spring weather is here to stay.

I am happy that I was lucky enough to add two items to my summer wardrobe this week.

I am happy to know who my real friends are.

I am happy that it's my boyfriend who's sick, not me :p

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for joining me, and for your recent blog comments!



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