Saturday, March 6, 2010

Favorite Purchases

I am happy to announce that I did not get called in to work on Thursday. Instead, I spent the day cleaning and organizing some of my apartment. I moved around the livingroom and am quite happy with the results.

Yesterday was also a good day. Also known as payday. My favorite items that were purchased:
  • Band Hero!
  • My Sister`s Keeper
  • A Thomas the Tank Engine movie for Braden
  • A set of 4 puzzles for $7, when I was about to buy just 1 out of those 4 puzzles for $5. Love bargains.
  • Eggs, and bacon, and Velveeta cheese for omelets! And stuff to make lasagna.
  • Tickets to go see stand-up comedian Danny Bhoy in May with Scott and Sarah.
To add to my happiness, for the first time in forever we had a night together with no drama. Just talking, drinks, Guitar Hero, and a creepy bar. I had a great time and it was much needed.

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