Monday, March 8, 2010

Puzzle Girl

I am a lover of puzzles.

I made my jumbo Aladdin puzzle a million times while listening to a Leanne Rimes tape (the Blue one) over and over when I was about 10 years old. My boyfriend told me today that it's cute the way I love to do puzzles, then compared me with the word 'grandmother'.

When they passed around logic puzzles for us to do in school, I not only didn't mind, but I got excited over it. I just couldn't pass up the buy one, get one deal they had on logic puzzle books last year.

Whether it be a cardboard puzzle spread out on a table, tetris on the computer, or trying to align viruses in Dr. Mario, I'm in.

Which is probably why I'm currently addicted to a puzzle game called
Monkey Trouble 2. Moving monkey faces around to turn all the blue blocks into gold is something I can't turn down.

Anyone else who is in love with puzzle games as I am, I feel the need to share
this website. I have never seen so many puzzle games all laid out in one website. I will be sharing new favorites as I find them!

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